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March 19, 2013
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[MA] Peter-Marie Shenzii by OkayIlie [MA] Peter-Marie Shenzii by OkayIlie

Name: Cadenza (Peter-Marie Shenzii)
:bulletgreen: Current class: Human Studies, Potions, M.P.E.
Passed Classes:
Point Count: 1800

(I've left the group, but yep.)

Peter-Marie Shenzii :iconokayilie:

He's going to school now, peoples! xD

Peter, Peter, Monster-eater,
Had a mom but couldn't keep her
She ate his dad, so Peter ate her
And he lived happily ever after....



Glamor Name:
Peter-Marie Shenzii

17 years

Glamor Age:
17 years

Glamor Height:
204 cm
(6' 9")

Monster Height:

Monster type:
{When a human person engages in cannibalism, they may be possessed by a demon and transformed into a Wendigo, a creature with an insatiable craving for human flesh.}

Natural weapons:
He has four arms.
His claws are dangerous on both hands and feet.
He doesn't have big jaws, but possesses teeth like a steak-knife.
Finally, his ears are pricked and perfect for hunting.

Trained weapons:
A simple, household-use butcher knife, sharpened nicely.
{He seems to have carved his name in a small corner on the blade.}


Favourite class:
Monster Physical Education

Worst class:
Human Studies
{"..... *stomach growls* ....."}

:bulletred: Hunger.
{If he really gets hungry, one of two things could happen: he will grow extremely weak to the point of being at death's door, or he will go on a rampage until he's (at least attempted to have) killed and eaten everything in the area, including people, squirrels, dogs, or anything that moves, really. Even in the latter situation, he may die of hunger in the process anyway.}
:bulletyellow: Silver.
{If he is cut, pricked or gets silver in his wounds in any way at all, the injury will burn and sizzle. It will also take a very long time to heal and, depending on how bad the wound is, he may even fall sick.}
:bulletblue: Hay Fever!
{He's kind of human, after all: he has an allergy to pollen, and gets hay fever every spring.}
:bulletgreen:Aversion to Light.
{He prefers noon to day, evening to noon.}
:bulletblue:His tongue.
{He has a really long tongue, long enough that he can touch the space between his eyes(eyes? what eyes lol) with it. But if you're sneaky enough to grab hold of it, he'll freeze indiscriminately.}

Major skills:
:bulletred:Shapeshifting. Without his glamor, he needs to have a cooling period of resting in his monster form for at least 5 hours everyday.
:bulletorange: Enhanced physical senses. In addition to his demonic strength, he also loves exercising and running around in general, so his muscles are pretty casually built for running, jumping... chasing.
In his true form, he can concentrate so well that he can specifically sniff out his prey by the scent of their cold sweat, and even hear their thumping hearts as they run. That's the key, though: a lot of concentration, determination, and focus. This skill seems to be significantly nulled in his glamor form though, even with all the focus in the world, reducing him to simply being able to smell very faint smells like some common animal.
:bulletyellow: Simple illusions. These can be sensory, auditory or visual. It's not much though: maybe a blurred white figure in the corner of your eye, a pricking sensation on your neck or a strange wind whispering in your ear about things you can't quite hear. He often uses these to distract rather than do any real damage or anything. Victims of these illusions may or may not suffer slight headaches; it varies from person to person.

Minor skills:
:bulletgreen: He's very good at mimicking sounds and other people's voices. He can even talk to animals and insects like crickets: though he doesn't know what exactly he's saying or what they're saying back... He can take pleasure in guessing, though.
:bulletblue: Good intuition/reflexes. The average person's reaction time is 0.1-0.3 second. Peter's is about 0.03 second.
:bulletpurple: He can cook. Somewhat. Though, most of the time, he prefers to be cooked for, he's trying to learn.
:bulletpink:Fashion sense, baby! Oh yeah!~ .. *cough cough*

:bulletred:Lacking in compassion -- He eats screaming, crying, begging creatures who literally speak his language. He's learned to tune out all the sorrow, suffering and grief he faces every time he has a meal. Emotional plights, like having a family or being an orphan and such don't affect him in the slightest.
:bulletyellow:Innocent -- He's surprisingly naive and lacks knowledge about the most common, basic things such as love, familial bonds, the sin of murder, common etiquette, knowledge of personal boundaries, etc. It's easy to see why he's worst at Human Studies for this.
:bulletgreen:Forward -- He's direct and to-the-point with his opinions. It's earned him many a disgusted stare, broken friendships, and countless slaps and punches.
:bulletblue:Patient / Light-hearted -- It's extremely difficult to get him angry. Even when contributing serious opinion, he's used to being opposed and, even if you slap him, it will still get you a smile on his face. Don't be mistaken though; he can definitely get sad, troubled, or extremely happy. Just not angry.

:bulletblack: He can't read or write very well. He didn't go to a school when he was young, and his parents weren't there to teach him. All he knows is to hunt, kill and eat. Someone he met while travelling, though, taught him the very basics...
:bulletred: He loves his meat. Raw and juicy. It's not advisable to eat any dishes he serves you if meat is involved...
:bulletpink:He hears a voice in his head. You might see him talking to himself often. He's, in fact, talking with the demon who merged with him since birth.
:bulletorange: He knows a few random words in random languages. Thanks to his travelling -- though he didn't talk much to the local populace or anything -- he's picked up a few words and phrases from a few dozen different languages, simply from listening to people around him or to his victims as he slaughtered them.

:bulletgreen:Beginning:bulletgreen: There was was a murderer. She hailed from an indigenous, sacrilegious tribe from Africa. She took people off the streets, killed them, and ate their uncooked flesh in unholy rituals. She continued this practice even after, somehow, she smuggled herself out of Africa and into a big, busy town where crime was rampant and authorities were lax, making it worse. Not for her, though. Here, she was free to feast as she liked. Here, she was free to kill; to enjoy; to fall in love.
She met the man of her dreams and began to live with him. They didn't bother with things like marriage or eternal promise. But, one day, she discovered she was with child. And she crept over to her lover, and killed him. She needed more food. More love. More nourishment for her precious, precious child. Everyday, she took something from him. An ear, a finger, an eye...
It was at this time that she was targeted by a demon. A wendigo who wished to possess her and bring chaos to her world. Make her an unstoppable eating machine, designed to kill humans, devour them, and never stop until brought down. But, ah, she was pregnant, remember? And so the demon took her child instead.
It invaded her womb and lived alongside the offspring she was to bear. Eventually, it learned to cooperate with the unborn child. It learned to love it, somehow, as if they were two halves, completed. Two beings were nurtured in that woman's womb, and only one, two combined, emerged.
Weak and dying from a difficult birth, Peter's mother was not to last a moment longer. Especially as the demon gave its first advice to its partner-for-life: "Eat."
Peter, a small child not even hours old, killed and dismembered his mother. With the support of the demon, he managed to live off his mother's flesh for the first few weeks, not needing the milk that was usually so important to a regular human child. Soon, though, he had to travel outside the run down apartment where his parents had lived. And so he wandered outside. And he killed. And he ate. And he survived.
:bulletblue:Travels:bulletblue: Somehow, being confined for the first few weeks of his birth gave him a passion for travel. Unable to attain proper documents usually required for usual transport, he opted instead to walk, swim or be smuggled to wherever he wished to go. On one such trip, into Japan, he killed a woman and was seen by a boy. His name was Edward and he, quite understandably, fainted. Peter somehow managed to get the boy home, where he lived in a boarding house with friends. The boy had seen torture and murder: but never the devouring of a person by another. So the boy used his penchant, cooking, to teach Peter simple things like how good pork, chicken or beef could taste. Appalled but understanding, the boy also taught Peter basic reading and writing skills.
:bulletyellow:Monster Academy:bulletyellow: So Peter learned from the boy, but he left when he realized that he didn't belong in that house. Pork was great. It tasted familiar. But he craved something with more... sustenance. With perfect timing, he said something wrong and was promptly beaten up by the house's other inhabitants. He left the house immediately, covered in bruises and a silver gash on his back. He ran away to America next, all the time wondering if he missed life in that little house in that quiet neighbourhood. He didn't.
And so he told his story to a street mystic who offered to tell his fortune. She told him "that's strange." He said, "is it?" And she replied "Yes. Take this..."
A letter.
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Akuma09Yomi Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, been a long time since I've spoken to you ^^;

I remembered about this guy Peter and I wanted to find out more about his species. I had no idea Wendigos originated in the Atlantic Coast of Canada and the U.S. :o i live in the coast of Atlantic Canada, so i found that pretty awesome xD
OkayIlie Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya! I've changed accounts to vi-puppetcino
Sorry about this! ^.^; As in, the late reply.

Yeah tbh I don't know that much about Wendigos... I made it up as I went along, in addition to whatever little info I could find on google. XDDD
RawrSexyKitty Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Cadenza (Peter-Marie Shenzii)
:bulletgreen: Current class: Human Studies, Potions, M.P.E.
Passed Classes:
Point Count: 1800

pelase keep this for your file in case you decide to come back <3
OkayIlie Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. :'D
TirrellianDreamer Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What an interesting character! :iconiloveitplz:



Can I hug him? :>
OkayIlie Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You can. 8D But he might try chewing your shoulder.
TirrellianDreamer Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh... 8D;
O-okay! No problem! I don't think I taste good! *hugs him*
OkayIlie Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Peter|| *smileysmile* ....? *sniffs your hair*
TirrellianDreamer Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Um ... Hi! 8D; My name is Rea and I'm a weird person!
OkayIlie Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Peter|| smell nice. *licks his lips* ...hehehe...
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