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August 14, 2012
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[FJ] Shinoda Suzu by OkayIlie [FJ] Shinoda Suzu by OkayIlie
Name Shinoda Suzu 篠田 鈴
Age 18 years
Birthday 14th March [White Day]
Moe Point(s) Blunt; blushes easily; a very very tiny bit of a bully; childish despite appearances.

:bulletred: Blunt and straightforward with his opinions, which may border or cross the line into childishness.
:bulletblue: Little or no sense of humor.
:bulletpurple: Blush shows up easily on his extremely pale and fair skin.
:bulletgreen: Likes having the upper hand, so bullies when he gets the chance. As such, has a thin mean streak in him.
:bulletyellow: Not a morning person.
:bulletpink: Doesn't particularly care what the general community thinks of him.
:bulletblack: Biting fetish; watch out!

Suzu was born an albino, to parents who were, in all probability, young and none the wiser to the horrible crime of abandoning their baby. Found by two women, Suzu was quickly adopted into their family. The two women moved to England for business purposes, and so Suzu was raised from a very young age in jolly old England. His parents, originally of Japanese heritage, opted to move back to Japan for a short while. They decided to give him a Japanese schooling, even if it was just middle school onwards.
Soon, however, business called again and his mothers moved back to England. Suzu remained in Japan, staying alone in a rented apartment. His parents paid for his living expenses, but Suzu disliked staying indoors studying all day(despite his sensitivity to the light), so he got a job. Still indoors... but what the hey.

Likes Gummy bears, usagi ringo(apple slices cut into the shape of rabbits), fairy tales.

Dislikes Milk chocolate, coffee, overexposure to sunlight.

:bulletblue: His hair is naturally white and his eyes are naturally pink, since he's an albino.
:bulletred: Sleeps with a plush toy resembling some sort of... strange long-eared, pink-and-blue-shelled turtle with a furry tail. When he wakes up especially groggy, he ends up bringing it outside with him.
:bulletgreen: His English school friends goaded him to pierce his bellybutton. Ever since, though, he's harbored a secret fear of piercing guns and sharp, needle-like things in general.
:bulletblack: He has two older brothers(Kimura Maya, 24 and Kimura Shuji 20) as well as an older sister(Shinoda Yun, 24). All his siblings were adopted. His parents are both females(Shinoda Natsu, 34 and Kimura Mei, 32)
:bulletpurple: His name(Suzu 鈴) means 'Bell'.
:bulletyellow: Likes perfume. *lolhaha*

Suzu :iconokayilie:
(((Anyone who can tell me whose surname I stole gets brownie points. <33333)))

First CVirus joined. Then Sayucchi joined.
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CurlyFry123 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Shinoda-kuuuuun!!!! SO CUTE. >//////////<
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he looks very interesting *.*
love your drawing style
OkayIlie Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! 8DDDDDDD
Hope to get along with you. :D
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xVerdelet Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Student Writer
Shinoda.... Shinoda.... Mike Shinoda???

xDDD He looks more like he's killing that apple instead of just eating it in the head shot.
OkayIlie Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
His real name is Shinoda Kenji. ouo I had to ignore the temptation to just name my OC Shinoda Kenji. xDDD

And is that a good thing? Lolololol
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