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July 5, 2012
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[C2G] Bailey by OkayIlie [C2G] Bailey by OkayIlie
Bailey Berry-Dee :iconokayilie:

It was surprisingly difficult to come up with Familiar-related abilities.

:star: For people who are interested, I came up with Bailey's idea by realizing that this was (probably?) every young artists' dream....
Or was it just me? Hahaha. x3

Bailey Berry-Dee

God - Familiar

The Imagineer



Primary Ability||
"Imagineering":: Imagineering is letting your imagination soar, and then engineering it down to earth.
Bailey is able to bring his imagination to life, bringing creations to the real world from the realms of his mind. To do this, he must convince himself that whatever he's imagining is real. With this sort of power, he would be able to summon forth a creature or being with immense strength and immortality... if he so believed in such a perfect creature. Which, fortunately, he never has or will.

Secondary Abilities||
"Puppet Presence":: 'Close your eyes. Channel your thoughts... can you see?'
"Puppet Presence" allows Bailey to use his summoned creatures to have an omnipresent knowledge of things around them. Basically, he sees through their eyes at will.
"Healing Saliva":: By literally licking his wounds, Bailey is able to heal his wounds more quickly than a normal person. The downside is that, without any assistance, any injuries that Bailey sustains heals at a third the rate of a normal human.
E.G.: A fractured arm that takes 2-4 weeks to heal will patch itself up only in 6-12 weeks(1-3 months) for Bailey, if he is unable to apply his healing saliva to his injuries.
"Density Control":: Bailey is able to decrease his own density(not those of others). At its lowest, Bailey's decrease in density allows flight and a ghostly, phasing intangibility. Other usefulness include being able to float like wood on water.


A pink and blue flip-cellphone with diamond-shaped sequins.

:bulletblue: Childhood -- Imagineering :bulletblue: Bailey's powers did not surface until he was 5 years old. His mother was an abusive drunk, and his father was a criminal, constantly stuck in prison cells. When his father was home, he took to sexually torturing Bailey which, when coupled with his mother's verbal and physical abuse, didn't do much for Bailey's foundation. Often locked in his simple bedroom with nothing to do, Bailey took to playing games with himself... quietly, of course. His mother beat him when he made any noise. If he had nothing better to do, Bailey slept. Or, at least, he tried to. Nightmares came to him regularly, and they were so vivid and frightening that Bailey was afraid to sleep. One night, he awoke from another nightmare, only to find that his imaginary monsters had travelled into the real world with him. Terrified, he hid under his blanket and wished very hard: "someone will save me..."
He met Tiki for the first time.
:bulletgreen: Teenage years -- Healing Saliva :bulletgreen: Because of British Compulsory Education laws(and several visits from Education Officers), Bailey was lucky enough to go to a government school where he learned basic things like Maths, Science, and English. Bailey avoided his classmates, though he made a few friends who accepted his talking to a strange, apparently motionless doll(Tiki) in public. Bailey also avoided going home to see his parents, and shuffled between friends' houses. Eventually, however, he felt unwilling to pressure his friends and their parents to take him in, even for just a night, and took to the streets. To cut a long story short: Bailey was assaulted and roughed up by a bunch of thugs, and broke both his arms. He lay in a pool of blood, and by happenstance, a cat limped nearby. It stopped and started to lick a large slash on its hind leg. Bailey, intrigued, watched until it went away, then tried it himself. Voila. Well done.
:bulletpink: Godhood :bulletpink: Bailey was very good at a game, called "Last Man Standing". His abilities enabled him to plan his moves in advance, and anyone going against him was subjected to a long wait before they could lay their hands on him: and even then, their meeting was dictated by Bailey himself, only when he was ready for them. Otherwise, Bailey escaped often from fights and left it to others to cut them down. Going through walls, flying, using his familiars for recon, and such other skills, allowed Bailey to steer clear of brawls.

Personality-wise, Bailey is mentally underdeveloped*; Bailey has the mind, principles, and morals of a child. As such, he's rather selfish, fearless, and a bit of a showoff, potentially proud of himself for the smallest of things. He can be be very unsympathetic(courtesy of his childhood foundations), immature, and spontaneous: characteristics that allow his ability to work with tremendous effect.
Fortunately for those around him, Bailey is also peculiarly realistic. His spontaneity helps him imagineer the most complex of creatures -- with very *'logically possible' attributes and characteristics -- in seconds.
However, it can and should be noted that Bailey is a lonely man by nature. He prefers the company of his imaginary friends rather than that of other people, and most often will only have a smile for you if you have a compliment(or anything just as interesting) for him.

*Being mentally underdeveloped does not mean he is retarded. It means his reactions are often not appropriate to his age
*Logically possible here means that it may not make sense for one of our Real-Life creatures having that sort of attributes, but Bailey has convinced himself that it's possible with his own set of logical rules. Anything he doesn't know does not affect him.
I.E. See "Additional Information" :bulletred::bulletpurple:

Additional information||
:bulletred: Tiki, Bailey's primary familiar, does not have any organs besides a heart and lungs. The rest of its body is a whole bunch of blood vessels, nerves, etc. It does not need to eat or egest, because it's 'belt'(which actually grows on it) allows Tiki to photosynthesize. As such, Tiki has to stand under a bright light source(not necessarily the Sun) for at least one hour every day.
:bulletpurple: Because Tiki essentially uses the features of a plant to keep going('sunlight as food'), Tiki also releases oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide accordingly.

carbon dioxide + water ---sunlight-→ glucose + oxygen + water

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