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If I've favourited one of your artworks/photographs, it's likely to stay on display right here, on my user profile, for some time since I don't find that many things to drag to my collection(s).


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Liver Ambulansie
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Thanks guys. :D I'm back to normal hahahaha

So anyway today's a big day!
Gotta bathe my dog, then gotta make sure everything's packed for my two week holiday, then I'll be off to my high school senior prom. It starts at 6pm and ends at 11pm, but I'll be leaving early at about... 9ish? So it'll be a huge rush to get pics with all the pretty people <3

Just to let you guys know
:star: I don't blame my friends and I don't stick around with people whom I don't consider friends. I have very lovely friends and I know they care about me. :D (Just saying, cos you guys seem to have been under the impression that someone said something to me or something, but it's nothing like that. XD It was just stress overload or something.)
:star: I'm fine now! Thank you to everyone who replied haha
:heart: Love you all ^3^

~Liver aka K

you have troubles but you don't wanna say them because everyone else has troubles too and you try to form the words to express yourself but when they come out they sound pathetic and stupid and what is it? it's nothing in comparison so you keep your mouth shut and keep the words from escaping and they fester and you stress and you worry and all the while your mouth is shut from your heart and you laugh and you do your best to smile because your people need you and though it's silly to try to please everyone because that won't get you anywhere but i've never been hated or disliked before and it's scary and it hurts and I don't know what to do! things would be much easier if I had no wants or desires and I could just be a satisfying robot who could do everything just as planned and just as wanted and even better still if I didn't have friends whose expectations I have to meet because I am always cheerful and always logical and I'm always willing to lend an ear and give advice or even just listen if you need me to in fact if it'll make you feel better then I don't care you can call me a fucking slut or a brainless idiot if you feel better then the ends justify the means and I'm fine with it because I'm hardworking and never give up and FUCK YOU I TRY HARD TO BE THAT WAY but it's tiring and I'm tired and I want to give up let me take the easiest route for once and lots of people will be disappointed in me and they can't even say "at least you tried your best" because I didn't and I wonder if it will be satisfying for a change for someone to say outright to my face that I'm a failure and I'm always making trouble for everyone reading people wrongly being too trusting but I think trust is good you need to have trust in others before they will trust you and you need to understand that not everyone is like you and even if they are their ways may be different from yours though they are aiming for the same thing and if someone tries to push their opinion on you consider it wisely before taking it as your own and even if you don't you should store it for knowledge dear god please don't hate me I'm scared and I want to cry I want to tell someone my problems but what are my problems? Who'd be interested anyway? THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING OUT THERE I'm surviving and I should be happy for that I'm sorry I'm so sorry I'm so lucky and fortunate and :star:I have a good life and good friends and I'm smart intelligent educated and not wanting for anything I'm sorry I'm this way and I'm sorry I'm scared and I'm sorry my problems are so small
If you've read this far, thank you for reading.
I'm sorry you had to read that.


Finally realised I can choose to NOT show ALL my activity

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